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How does CANDx work?

Put simply. We integrate with your applicant tracking system (ATS). Wrapping around your existing workflow and hiring process. 
Based on a set of triggers or timeframes, we send surveys at key touch points in the hiring journey.
We then collect responses, connecting them to your data, offering amazing insights into who, where and what is impacting the candidate experience.

How do we see the insights?

Our dashboard presents all responses in real-time. Allowing you to monitor performance, identify improvements and measure improvements over time.

How much does CANDx cost?

We decided against creating a commoditised pricing system. We'd rather work with you to scope out your requirements and create a suitable pricing structure based on your objectives and research outcomes. Our pricing is layered between platform costs, research and consultancy.

What kind of system do I need?

You MUST have an Applicant Tracking System. Without one, there's nothing for our system to integrate with.

How easy is it to set up?

The set up is fast and easy to get started. Although it does very much depend on the scale of your business and number of Applicant Tracking Systems you run. Once we've established integration and touch points. The rest is super easy.

How secure is your system?

All personal data held is done so securely. We house our system in AWS and never let any personal data leave this environment. Integrations either via an API or secure file transfer (SFTP) ensure any data transferred is done so in the most secure method available.

How long does it take before we see insights?

This very much depends on the volume of applications, interviews and hires you make. As soon as the surveys are launched, you will see responses in real-time. We will support you the whole way, recommending key dates to review data and generate insights. Typically on a monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis, its very dependant on the amount of hiring you're doing. 

What kind of support do you offer?

Analysing data, spotting trends and generating insight doesn't come easy for everyone. We have a team of qualitative and quantitative researchers on hand to provide a steady input when required. We can flex according to your internal resource and knowledge level. We're always on hand to help when required.


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