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CANDx in 60 seconds

As one of the key stakeholders in the hiring process, the candidates themselves are often overlooked as a valuable source of insights.

Here's a quick intro into CANDx, how it all works and the benefits of using NPS to drive change in your business. Want to chat further? Get in touch.

"View everything from the candidates’ eyes
and become outside-in-thinkers"


In the moment

Automated triggers at key touchpoints in your hiring and onboarding journey.


Connected insight

Connect feedback to data. Track NPS® by function, location, recruiter & more.


Influence change

Bringing people together, empowering them to take action with shared goals.


Act and Improve

Pinpoint where to focus time, resource or budget. Measure your improvements.


How your employer / corporate brand is perceived or impacted as a result of peoples' experiences.


The impact strategic decisions have on NPS and overall experience, such as new ATS, career site or process change.


Who, where and what is impacting the experience across your business function, hiring stage or teams.


Dixons Carphone Group trusts Koppla to automatically capture feedback from tens of thousands of candidates across the UK.

We collect and monitor candidate experience. Analysing what people think and feel across multiple touchpoints, hiring managers, geographies and functions.